Aubaude Dolorose was recorded in January 1985 at Dublab Studio, Copenhagen, by Jens Walther Jacobsen .

Original release © East Of Eden records, Copenhagen 1985 .

The EP includes the songs In The Eyes Of Bloom, Saved Dreams, Die Weltanschauung, If They Forget (*) .

Lïfe Andruszkow
vocal, guitar, keyboards
Janus Bonde
Thomas Vilbæk
Erik Steenhuus
percussion & metalicca
In the Eyes of Bloom

(version 1)

Saved Dream
If They Forget
Lïfe Andruszkow
Jens Walther Jacobsen
Cover photo by Janus Bonde .
Henrik Winther Jensen
tenor saxophone, keyboard
Die Weltanschauung
Lyrics and music by Lïfe Andruszkow © 1985 .

except IV (*) music by Kai Norman Andersen © 1932 .