Retrograde is a live-studio recording from June 1985 at Dublab Studio, Copenhagen, recorded by Jens Walther Jacobsen .

The album includes the songs Retrograde, Jesuitical Treadmill, Staring Into the Wall, La Dépression Masculine, Brilliant View, Men Without Shadows (version 1) , Tenchi No Kodo, Each and Our Way .

The album has not previously been released .

Lyrics and music by Lïfe Andruszkow © 1985 .
Lïfe Andruszkow
vocal, guitar, keyboards
Janus Bonde
Thomas Vilbæk
Erik Steenhuus
percussion & metalicca
Lïfe Andruszkow
Jens Walther Jacobsen
Cover photo by Lars Schwander .
Henrik Winther Jensen
tenor saxophone, keyboard
Brilliant View
Men Without Shadows
Tenchi No Kodo
Each and Our Way
La Dépression Masculine
Staring Into the Wall
Jesuitical Treadmill