If They See the Bridges ' Broken was recorded and mixed during the years 2003-2006 at Falconer Studio, London, Out Of Eden Studio, Copenhagen and Yellow House Studio, Copenhagen; in 2007 it was mastered at Media Sound Studio, Copenhagen .
Lïfe Andruszkow
vocal, guitar, keyboards
Willy Moesgaard Larsen, Pete Langman
guitar & backing vocals
Mikkel Meier, Mick Morena, René Sørensen
Julian Andruszkow, Paul Francis
bass & backing vocals
Paul Kilvington
piano & keyboards
Gabriel Nuzolli
Peter Brander [Copenhagen]
co-producer; mastering
Arian Zolotuhan [London]
It Changes Everything
Misery Loves Company
Shadows Of Your Past
Glue Lovers
Slaughter house
Forget Your Pride
If They See the Bridges Broken
Cloud # 9
Get On With Your Life
Lïfe Andruszkow
producer; mix
Henrik Kristensen [Copenhagen]
Swift into a Paperland
The Minute You Love
E. S. P.
Lyrics and music by Lïfe Andruszkow . © 2003-07