The Ballad of Suzy was performed late summer 2001 at Waverly Theatre, New York, as a pop art musical in which escapism puts the protagonist in an existential dilemma .

The manuscript for The Ballad of Suzy is written by Zadis Viola © 1999 .

The lyrics and music for The Ballad of Suzy is written by Lïfe Andruszkow © 1999 .


Lïfe Andruszkow . conducter; guitar

Susan Wood . keyboards & piano

William Doran . guitar

James Simmons . bass

Natalie Doran . drums

Ed Dean . percussion

Marietta Simmons . sax

Steffi Brissac . trumpet

Virginia Sidney . backing vocals

Ian Platt . backing vocals


Lïfe Andruszkow . general producer; AD; PR

John Sean Claire . executive producer

Zadis Viola . co-producer on music

Christel Blanche . choreographer


Liza Penderez . as Suzy Brix

Stefani Smith . as Judy Brix (sister)

Ingrid Davis . as Mrs. Brix (mother)

Trevor Collins . as Mr. Brix (father)

John Francis . as Johnny (boyfriend)

Victor St. Blair . as Ed Munk (artist; lover)

Thomas Shyman . as Mr. Q (partyking)

Elisabeth Martinez . as Mary-Ann (girlfriend)

Miranda Murphy . as Jane (girlfriend)

Emma Fiordella . as Mrs. Dickson (employer)

Ballad Of Suzy [2]
The Scream
Praise The Lord
Endless Days
Telling You
In A Place Like This
Working Girl
Bed 'n Bad
The Party
Café Big Apple
Pressure 'n Pain
Ballad Of Suzy [1]
What about Life?