Flying Images was performed late summer 1986 at The City House Theatre, Copenhagen as an avantgarde rock musical in which racism puts the four characters in each an existential dilemma .


Lïfe Andruszkow . vocal, guitar

Kis Borg . vocal

Nanna Kalinka Bjerke . vocal

Birgitte Bang . vocal

Jens Walther Jacobsen . keyboards

Karsten Winther . piano

Sylvain Andruszkow . drums

Thomas Wöhlk Vilbæk . percussion

Troels Kirk Eising . bass

Anders Laursen . sax

. The manuscript for Flying Images is written by Kamma Andersen © 1986

. The lyrics and music for Flying Images is written by Lïfe Andruszkow © 1986


Karin Wedel . as Annika

Martin Westrup . as Samir

Thomas Knudsen . as Allan

Malene Krogh . as Jeanne


Lïfe Andruszkow . general producer; AD; PR

Hans Clausen . executive producer

Jens Walther Jacobsen . music co-producer

Stine Sylvestersen . choreographer

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